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With highly qualified, skilled and cooperative staff and faculty, people at CS Dept are what make Umm Al-Qura University an internationally-renowned university.
The CS Dept. offers 28 exciting Courses that serve society and industry in this era of rapidly changing computer technologies.
The range of research activities at CS Dept. is broad and deep. It provides 5 innovative Research Labs.

PosNav Lab

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Positioning and Navigation Laboratory (PosNavLab) conducts innovative research activities in the positioning, navigation and related fieldsto enable new applications and value-added services for the local and international community, academia and industry. The research program aims at developing theory, models and methods to fulfill the high-accuracy and high-integrity requirements for air, marine, land and personal navigation applications. It is also dedicated to the research, development and improvement of wireless positioning and navigation technologies for outdoor and indoor use. Therefore, PosNavLab will use state-of-the-art equipment and software, and set tight national and international cooperation links with other universities and research institutions in addition to government and industry.

PosNavLab will lay the foundation for the construction of long-term academic activities with an effective interface to industry sectors in order to meet their increasing position, navigation and timing information needs. The program will ensure the acquisition of high value-added technologies, promoting research, qualifying human resources, forming specialized employment opportunities in the region, and opening new investment and market opportunities.




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