Computer Engineering

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Overview and Objectives


The quick development in the uses of computers in different fields has resulted in making computer engineering and sciences the most developed fields at the present time. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pays special attention to computer technologies and its uses as one of the fundamental means for modernizing the kingdom's industries and commercial system. Therefore, it has become essential for the country to prepare computer engineers to be able to cope with such rapid development in computer technology, disseminate it at the local level and use it to fulfill the needs of labor market at the kingdom. The royal approval has been issued to separate computer engineering from the department of electrical engineering and computers. As a result, the Computer Engineering Department has become an independent department at the college of Engineering and Islamic Architecture, after its proposed program had been approved at the beginning of the first semester of 1421AH. The department aims at achieving the following objectives.

  1. Providing students with a strong scientific base that is enhanced with training and practical expertise for basic and specialized engineering sciences.
  2. Providing the society with engineers that are able to cope with the fast-paced development in the field of computer engineering.
  3. Developing the competences of engineers to take part in engineering application and scientific research in their communities.
  4. Adopting modern technologies that are appropriate for the needs of the society.

Moreover, the department secures job opportunities for its graduates in the following bodies:

  1. Companies of computer systems and internet services and applications.
  2. Governmental and private companies and institutions such as the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (RCJY), Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, general institution for technical education and vocational training, Saudi Aramco, SABIC, in addition to different information centers.
  3. Ministries, universities and schools of both the Ministry of Education and the private sector as well.