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With highly qualified, skilled and cooperative staff and faculty, people at CS Dept are what make Umm Al-Qura University an internationally-renowned university.
The CS Dept. offers 28 exciting Courses that serve society and industry in this era of rapidly changing computer technologies.
The range of research activities at CS Dept. is broad and deep. It provides 5 innovative Research Labs.


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CE Students Forms                                                   

Registration Forms :

  1. Adding a Course Form "for use only during the official registration period"
  2. Deleting a Course Form "for use only during official period of registration"
  3. Inner Equivalence for Courses Already Studied in Umm Al-Qura University Form (currently used)
  4. Inner Equivalence for Courses Already Studied in Umm Al-Qura University Form
  5. Outer Equivalence for Courses Studied Outside Umm Al-Qura University Form
  6. Withdrawal From a Course Form
  7. Lab Grade Equivalence Form
  8. Visitor Semester Form

Final Project Regestration Forms :

  1. Project Registration Rules
  2. Specialties approved for project
  3. Adding the Project Form
  4. Completion of the Initial Report of the Graduation Project and Readiness to Discuss Form
  5. The Grades of Final Test of the Project Form

Students Grades Forms :

Correction of the Grade “"غ “absent from the final exam “ Form

Graduate Student Forms :

  1. Requirements of a Graduate Student Form
  2. Disclaimer Form for Graduates From the Department
  3. Delivering Copies of the Graduation Project Report Form
  4. (Graduate Students Information)Form for Communication with the Department

After Graduation Forms:

Recommendation Letter Request Form

CE Employees Forms

  1. Vacation Request Form
  2. Lab Equipment Delivery Form
  3. Deanship of Faculty and Personnel Affairs - Forms


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