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With highly qualified, skilled and cooperative staff and faculty, people at CE Dept are what make Umm Al-Qura University an internationally-renowned university.
Programs & Courses
The CE Dept. offers variety of many exciting Courses that serve society and industry in this era of rapidly changing computer technologies.
The range of research activities at CE Dept. are broad and deep and very innovative.

Accreditation Software

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Here are the four simple steps to access our client resources page at and download the files required for CLOSO installation:

Step 1: In your Internet browser go to

Step 2: Click “Client” tab (second tab from right on the top of the page).

Step 3: Type in your client login ID and password and click the “login” button.

User Name:    uqucompe
Password:      UQUCOE (All caps)

Step 4: Download each of the following three files, by clicking file names under the heading “Download”:

  1. CLOSO Setup Program:              CLOSOsetup.exe
  2. CLOSO Instructor’s License:        CLOSO1.Lic
  3. CLOSO User’s Manual:                CLOSO_2014_Users_Manual_141014.pdf

Please Note:

1)   To install the software, follow the steps given in Chapter 3 “Initial Setup” of the user’s manual. (Download the user’s manual as explained in Step 4)

2)   After you install the software, you will need the client database files. These are two files: CLOSO.SYL and CLOSO.CUS. These files are produced by CLOSO Admin Panel based on the input data provided by the CLOSO coordinator of the department. Please download the two files from here.