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With highly qualified, skilled and cooperative staff and faculty, people at CS Dept are what make Umm Al-Qura University an internationally-renowned university.
The CS Dept. offers 28 exciting Courses that serve society and industry in this era of rapidly changing computer technologies.
The range of research activities at CS Dept. is broad and deep. It provides 5 innovative Research Labs.

About us

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Knowledge toward enhancing human lifestyle

The Artificial Intelligence Real-World Applications Laboratory at Department of Computer Science, Umm Al-Qura University consists of a group of faculty, and affiliated scientists and engineers who conduct theoretical and applied research in the area of Computational Intelligence and its real-world application. This group offers researchers at the University the opportunity to exchange ideas and collaborate on projects as part of the process of broadening our understanding of this rapidly growing field.

At the simplest level, Computational Intelligence (CI) involves the design and application of computational models inspired from nature. Such models can be used to make computer systems themselves more robust, flexible and adaptive (such as a stock market trading program). Here at this lab, we are interested in research in both theoretical aspects of CI and real-world applications but are more involved in the latter.

The Artificial Intelligence Real-World Applications Laboratory members have unique expertise in the application of a diverse range of computational intelligence methods applied to problems in industrial optimization. Using our software tools, we are committed to designing exceptional software that can assist in industrial optimization needs.

Lab Director: Dr. Ahmed Kattan


Lab Objectives

 Being part of the Computer Science Department, our objectives are coinciding with department’s research vision and subsequently with Um Al Qura’s research vision.

The following list forms the main ingredients of our objectives 

  1. Develop novel algorithms based on CI to solve practical real-world problems.
  2. Enhance CI technology and contribute in the community by building solid theoretical foundations in the field.
  3. Apply for grants from local and international funding bodies.
  4. Propagate our lab in both local and international communities as to enhance Um Al Qura research reputation.
  5. Establish collaborations and MoUs with international labs and universities.   
  6. Utilize our finding to serve Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  7. Utilize our knowledge to design and improve students’ courses that are related to our fields.
  8. Link our activities with industry and public sectors by organizing regular workshops where we invite these sectors in open discussion forums.
  9. Disseminate our research through prestigious international conferences and journals.





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